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Competing on quality, reliability and service, not discount quotes.

Earthmoving prices and quotes aren’t created equal. It’s the knowledge, experience and expertise behind the quote that makes the difference between a reliable estimate and someone’s best guess.

It’s why M&K Plant Hire does not try to compete on price: while our rates are very competitive for Brisbane earthmoving, our real competitive edge is reliability.

Our expert machinery and site reps will take the time to give you the rationale behind your earthmoving contractor quote, explaining what they think it’ll cost and exactly why.

With M&K, our experience counts in every dollar of your earthmoving quote.

Reliability and results

From decades of experience we know our customers’ common concerns. Many builders, tradespeople and renovators do not have a good grasp of the complexities of earthmoving. A big part of our role is taking that mystery away. However, all tradespeople know it’s no secret that the unforeseen does occur. M&K prides ourselves on maintaining close contact with you – letting you know what is going on with your job and what we’re going to do about it. The strength of this relationship is why our machines often called in for one job on a project, and the client just keeps finding new things for our earthmoving contractors to do.

Get an accurate and reliable earthmoving contracting quote for your job today – a quote backed by a solid rationale and decades of experience.